"The Valour Foundation was created to bring hope, support and awareness to parents suffering from PPROM, because every baby matters; every trimester. Courage can bring great blessing and victory."
Lastly, our goal is to change the way PPROM is viewed. Women should be given support to carry their babies, not told to abort, and they should be given medical intervention before 20-24 weeks. This reduces the stress on mom and baby when they need it most."
The Valour Foundation makes no income and collects no reward from sponsors. This foundation runs purely off a mother's love ♡ Any time spent is given happily, and money spent comes from our own pocket. If you wish to help, please spread the word with your own connections, for the babies effected by PPROM (and mothers).

Hello, I'm Nicole!

I am so glad you are here. I am the creator of the Valour Foundation. I experienced PPROM at 15 weeks with my son, Valour. I am here for you on this journey to find love and support. You are not alone! I invite you to learn about my son and our story.

Valour foundation

PPROM & BV Awareness

The Valour Foundation was created to bring awareness to about PPROM and its connection with BV. It offers support and hope to parents dealing with PPROM, because every baby matters, every trimester.
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