February 24, 2021

PPROM Survivor: Sebastian

@ Valour Foundation

"I ruptured at 18wks and 5 days with a complete loss of fluid. The high risk doctor suggested me terminate my pregnancy as I was to far from my baby to be viable. I refused and was sent home with one week of antibiotics and according to the doctor I was expected to go into labor within 72hrs based on his experience as he went on how 75% of women that had this happened will go in labor. For the following month I changed doctors and was seeing another MFM doctor weekly and my amniotic was fluctuating between 2-4cm until i reached 22.5wks and was admitted to the hospital. I received another round of antibiotics and a round of steroids. I stayed between 4-5cm until I reached 31 that I went up to 9cm. I delivered by emergency c section at 33.2wks as I was starting to get dilated and having contractions every 1 min. My son Sebastian was born on May 1st was intubated for only 24 hrs and on cpap 48hrs and since then he has been breathing on his own and stable. Update: we went home on June 1st and he is doing great! 😂🙏🙌"- Yle Antanas

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PPROM & BV Awareness

The Valour Foundation was created to bring awareness to about PPROM and its connection with BV. It offers support and hope to parents dealing with PPROM, because every baby matters, every trimester.
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