February 24, 2021

PPROM Survivor: Baby Gracie

@ Valour Foundation

"Baby Gracie born on 4th may 2019 at 28+4 by emergency c section due to infection, pprom at 22+6 and had no measurable fluids up until a couple days before birth where there was a 1cm pocket, my pregnancy had complications from the beginning mainly with bleeding , I had spotting from 12weeks on, and had to be rushed to the hospital on three separate occasions due to heavy bleeding, the last time was a week before birth and was the worst, I was stood in hospital and it was pouring from me, they thought it was placenta abruption, luckily it wasn't, but they never did find out what was causing it, so Gracie was born on 4th may she is now 6and a half weeks and weighs 4lbs exactly, when she was born she weighed a tiny 995grams, she was intubated for two days then onto cpap for another 3days and was on oxygen up until she was 5weeks old, she has done amazing and is now just trying to get establish feeding and she will be home, I'm so glad I never gave up on my baby girl, as when I was told that I had pprom I never got any hope at all, I left the hospital feeling so low that day until I found this page and it gave me hope that Gracie was going to be ok, x"- Ashleigh Mcgregor

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The Valour Foundation was created to bring awareness to about PPROM and its connection with BV. It offers support and hope to parents dealing with PPROM, because every baby matters, every trimester.
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