February 24, 2021

PPROM Survivor: Alyce Ray

@ Valour Foundation

"This was my third pregnancy, first PPROM. I was home in bed, 6AM when my water broke. I drove myself to the nearest hospital, was admitted there, tested positive for amniotic fluid and then sent via ambulance 2 hours away to UVMMC in Vermont. I was given steroids, shot with magnesium. Finally labor stopped and I was admitted for hospital bed rest. A few WEEKS go by, and I started bleeding. Partial Placenta Abruption. 😞 My sweet girl was still holding on and remained alive for another few weeks. Almost 6 weeks, on bed rest before I went into full active labor. She was breech, so we knew she would be born via c-section. I got on the OR table at 10cm dilated! 4 minutes later, my sweet tiny baby was born! She was born with PPHN, anemia of prematurity and the obvious, low birth weight. (1260 grams)Advice: Stay strong. Stay positive. Drink lots of cranberry juice! (I swear, that’s what kept me from getting an infection!) ❤️ " - Kylie Monfette

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Valour foundation

PPROM & BV Awareness

The Valour Foundation was created to bring awareness to about PPROM and its connection with BV. It offers support and hope to parents dealing with PPROM, because every baby matters, every trimester.
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